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Welcome to St Mark’s Church, we are now OPEN again!



Despite the changes in the restrictions in Oldham regarding Coronavirus we would like to confirm to  worshippers that St Mark's will still be open for worship this Sunday.  You need to be aware of the restrictions we have to abide by and the procedures in place to allow you to attend.  In order to attend our Sunday Eucharist services you must follow this guidance.

Our Church is now open for Worship at 10am on Sundays.  We have to abide by very strict guidance from the Government and the Church of England and as such we ask that EVERYONE who wishes to come to St Mark’s reads our instructions and Books to reserve your place.

If you wish to join us for worship you MUST:

  • Numbers are extremely limited and we must know who is attending BEFORE Sunday.
  • Ring Dave Brookes - Church warden on 0161 633 0642 to book your place in Church preferably before 9pm on Thursday.
  • Confirm who from your HOUSEHOLD will be attending.
  • You must provide:
    •  Full names, contact numbers and
    • Accept that those details will be held for 21 days for NHS Track and trace purposes to be booked in to attend. 
    • After 21 days those details will be destroyed.
  • You must arrive in good time for the 10am service and follow all other guidance provided.
  • If demand is high for places then those who attend one Sunday will have to give preference to those who have not attended.  You will be advised when booking if this applies to you.

Be advised that the service will be spoken, no singing or hymns.

  • Sanitise your hands as you enter.
  • Do not touch anything that you don’t need to.
  • Seats will be allocated on arrival, sit in your allocated seat, maintaining 2m social distancing – please do not turn round to talk to others.
  • Only those from one household may sit together
  • Keep your personal belongings with you in your pew.
  • Keep children in your seat and under your control.
  • Do not leave your seat until the end of the service and only leave when instructed to do so.
  • Leave all information and service booklets on the pew rail.
  • We will leave Church from the back pews first.
  • As you leave you will be offered the chance to take Communion in the form of a wafer by the vicar.
  • Do not offer or accept lifts off others.
  • No eating or drinking in Church.
  • Toilets will not be available.

If you have had symptoms of Covid -19 or been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms, DO NOT ATTEND CHURCH.

Should you develop Covid-19 symptoms during the service – Leave at once, informing the wardens as you leave.

If you have not followed the Social distancing or Public health guidance on group meetings and social bubbles ABSOLUTELY, you should not attend Church.

You may:

  • Join in with the responses in the service but do not raise your voice.

The PCC has commissioned a working party to develop a comprehensive Risk assessment, designed to do everything we can to assure you of a safe visit to St Mark's Church.  Copies of that Risk Assessment is attached here, together with our Risk Assessment for Funeral services.

Risk assessment for genreal Worship services

Risk assessment for Funeral Services