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  • St Marks’ Church is closed from Sunday 10th January 2021

    Following the re-instatement of the National Lock-down on Wednesday the 6th January 2021 the PCC of St Mark's Church has decided that we will be closed for the foreseeable future.  The increased level of risk that the virus now poses to Clergy, staff and congregation members who are themselves, in the main, in the vulnerable categories, has led to the decision in order to keep everyone safe. We will be closed until the 21st March 2021.  We will, once again, be providing on-line services which will be available through this web-site, Facenbook and our regular emails.  We would like to thank those who had worked so hard to enable services to return to Church again and look forward to welcoming you all back to Church when things improve.. 

    Our Confirmation service which was re-scheduled for the 24th January 2021 has had to be postponed once more and we will notify everyone of the revised date when it has been arranged.


     Parish Church of St Marks’ has been the focal point for Christian ministry in the village of Heyside since was first consecrated in 1878.  Our Church's interior has been in it's present layout since a  major reorganisation in 1971.  We are a friendly congregation and welcome visitors or new members to our open, friendly Sunday morning Family Communion Services. 

    Our Sunday Communion Service starts at 10:00am each Sunday, but check the Calendar for special Service times.  Our Children join us in Church part way through the service from Sunday School which also starts at 10:00am in the Parish Hall. 

    There are a multitude of other activities which go on in the Parish, many based in our Parish Hall and Community Centre situated behind the Church and a major landmark in the village of Heyside as people travel from Shaw to Oldham. 

    If you have any Safeguarding concerns  go to our Safeguarding page

    To arrange a Baptism go to Baptism of Children


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  • The Parish Hall and Community Centre

    The Parish hall, which opened in 1868 was originally the Village school, Sunday school and worship centre until the Church was built and later on, Blackshaw  Lane school was built in 1903.  Today the Parish hall is a focal point for the   local community being used every day and most evenings for both Church based and Community based groups to meet.

    Both Upper and Lower hall are available to book on a regular or individual booking basis. Click here for further information.

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