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Spiritual life - The Easter Story
The Easter story as told by the Children and Young People from St Mark's Heyside Sunday School and Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade.

Spiritual life - Stations of the Cross
Lynn Higgs takes on a journey with Jesus.

Spiritual life Sunday Eucharist for Lent 3
Our Sunday Eucharist service for the 3rd Sunday of Lent, 7th March 2021 with Rev. Brian Hartley.

Spiritual life - Sunday Eucharist 14th February 2021
Please join Rev Brian Hartley for our Sunday Eucharist

Spiritual life - Children's Nativity Story
Our Children tell their own nativity story

Spiritual life - Childrens Christmas Eve service
St Mark's Heyside presents, The Coverdale Puppets with - "Another Christmas Carol"

Spiritual life - Sunday Eucharist for Advent Sunday - 29th November 2020
Sunday Eucharist for Advent Sunday - 29th November 2020 with Rev. Hilda Wild

Spiritual life - Act of Remembrance for Remembrance Sunday - 8th November 2020
Please join Rev Canon Richard Hawkins for an Act of Remembrance at the Heyside war Memorial - St Mark's Heyside.

Spiritual life - Sunday Eucharist for Remembrance Sunday 2020
Our Sunday Eucharist with Rev. Doug Oates from St Mar's Heyside for Remembrance Sunday 2020. See also our Act of Remembrance.

Spiritual life - Evening Prayer in the Celtic Tradition.24th May 2020
Join Rev. Doug Oates for Evening Prayer.